Rectors’ welcome

Dear First-year Students

I would like to humbly welcome you in the ranks of gentlemen-commoners of Óbuda University! The Óbuda University in a sense the oldest in another the newest University of Hungary, which besides its historical traditions, provides wide array of education, research and innovation.

The mission of the University is the service of the economy with the development of knowledge that we hand over. The goal of Óbuda University is, as an active and acknowledged actor of the global higher-education market, to be a provider of high-quality service, that through its talent-managing system provide its student a high-level and practical oriented education, giving them a competitive profession. With a people-oriented view, through its Alumni system it grants lifelong connections and learning. It achieves its national and international competitiveness with the use of the most modern instruments, methods and cutting-edge technology, continuously adapting to social and economic challenges, the requirements of the labour marker.

We value our students the highest in this University. The outstanding professional competence of our graduates gives the University its trademark, which is acknowledged both nationally and internationally. The University offers the whole academic program for their students, from higher educational vocational training, Bachelor- and Master’s Degree, specialized education courses, to the accredited doctorate.

Our students have the opportunity to take part in dual and cooperative studies, scientific student work, study abroad, academic competitions and conferences. Excellent students may receive scholarships and support. You can count on the support of the Student Council, a colourful and joyful student life.

The headquarters of the Óbuda University is in Budapest, however aside the five locations in Budapest we have sites in Székesfehérvár, Salgótarján and Nyírbátor, together in total having more than seventy-thousand square-meters of campus area, more than eight-hundred instructor and researcher, as well as continues its educational and research activities with more than thirteen-thousand students.

We would like to inform our students on many levels. We comprised the most important information about how to start their studies for our newly admitted students. You can find all the information’s here:

Further information, documents and the most important regulations can be accessed on the Neptun page of the University, at . Neptun is the mandatory administrative interface for students’ studies. To login you need the six digit identifier (Neptun code) and password which every student will receive via email.

Our University gives special emphasis on our practice-oriented education, so all our practical classes will be held in person.

I wish you persistent work for your studies and professional carrier, success and good health!

Budapest, 21. July 2022.

                                                                                      Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács s. k.,