Ensuring equal opportunities for student with disabilities

According to the provisions of the National Higher Education Act, the University may request additional support annually for disabled students who have been medically examined. From the funds disbursed on the basis of the support, we can provide additional support tailored to the needs of students in need, which can help overcome obstacles related to studies. Such areas can be, for example, physical and information accessibility, and the employment of personal assistants.

Minden lehetséges módon támogatni kívánjuk hallgatóink tanulmányi munkáját, tanulmányi előremenetelét, ezért kérjük amennyiben látásában-, hallásában-, mozgásában korlátozott, illetve egyéb tanulási nehézsége van, jelölje meg a lenti nyilatkozaton az alábbi linken elérhető nyilatkozaton.

We want to support the academic work and academic progress of our students in every possible way, so please, if you have limited vision, hearing, mobility, or other learning difficulties, please indicate it below on the statement available at the link below.

Statement for registration of additional support

It is not mandatory to apply for additional support, however, the University can only apply for financial support to registered students with a certificate.

If you do not need discounts for your studies, in this case too, please support your fellow students by filling out the related declaration, and with the possibility of requesting financial support, you will help the University’s accessibility goals.

The registration statement related to the additional support must be submitted to the Registrar’s Department.

The principles related to the studies of students with disabilities and the procedure for establishing and certifying the disability are determined by a separate university regulation, which can be found at the link below.


Based on the regulations, you also have the opportunity to apply for a discount in connection with the support of your studies. The application form is available at the link below.

Application form

The application must be submitted to the Registrar’s Department no later than the last day of the registration week.

Feel free to contact the faculty coordinator who supports the studies of students with disabilities with your questions or problems. You can find the contact details of the faculty coordinators below.

Kar Kari koordinátor Elérhetősége
AMK Bekk Tímea bekk.timea@amk.uni-obuda.hu
BGK Dr. Jókai Erika jokai.erika@bgk.uni-obuda.hu
KGK Dr. Katona Ferenc katona.ferenc@kgk.uni-obuda.hu
KVK Csikósné Dr. Pap Andrea pap.andrea@kvk.uni-obuda.hu
NIK Dr. Steiner Henriette steiner.henriette@nik.uni-obuda.hu
RKK Prokai Piroska prokai.piroska@rkk.uni-obuda.hu
YBL Dr. Katona János katona.janos@ybl.uni-obuda.hu